Bespoke rugs allow for a near infinite choice and possibilities regarding sizes, shapes colours and designs. However, when the offer of the different collections in many different qualities is so vast one may have difficulties understanding how to choose and order a bespoke rug by just looking at the picture of the desired rug. We will attempt to guide you through the various phases starting off by browsing through the catalogue.


Leafing through the catalogue is usually the first step to choosing a rug. No concern about colours or sizes is going to hinder your browsing. It will just be a search for a beautiful design that will catch your eye. Note will be taken of the name of the collection and the the design.


Once the desired design has been chosen one may start to imagine how that particular design will fit in one’s living space. It is possible that the colours reproduced in the catalogue are the right ones or not. The choice of colour is infinite. Either the client will have a colour sample available or we will advise you by drawing on our 1500 colour samples.


Next the technique will be chosen. The design will allow for the different ways in which the rug may be produced: hand-knotted, which is the most expensive option that offers the promise of a precious rug and guarantees a highly resistant product; Hand-tufted which offers a compromise for our clients who wish to have a high quality product and speedy production of the personalized rug; woven which offers a traditional flatweave rug for amateurs of the kilims. Not all designs are adaptable to the above mentioned techniques. For example,a rug with very intricate designs will not be able to be handtufted. We will be able to advise you in this matter.



There is no limit regarding sizes. We will be able to advise on the best size depending on where the rug will be placed.


The material of the rug is also very important when choosing a bespoke rug. The choice between Viscose, Bamboo, Wool and natural Silk is usually dictated by the use of the rug. A Viscose rug in a heavy foot traffic area is not recommended. A pure Silk rug in a  drawing room on the other hand will offer you a life-time resistant, highly precious rug.

Tempi di consegna

In order to receive the high-quality rug that reflects the design made on paper one must arm oneself with patience. A bespoke rug may be compared to a work of art and cannot be rushed. So much must be taken into account like the layouts made before the final decision is taken. Once the colours are defined the weavers will dye the yarns and the loom will be prepared. Only then can the weavers start knotting or tufting. Once the rug comes off the loom the quality control is run. After which the rug is washed and dried. Only then can the rug be prepared for transport by air.


All our collections can be personalized except for the following: The Relief, the Aura, the Old and there are some restrictions regarding the Rock Elite and the Luce and Brina. The Relief collection are machine-made rugs that come in 2 standard sizes and cannot be personalized. The Aura model from the Riflessi collection is available only in standard sizes. The sizes and prices of the Old rugs from the Groupie collection are available upon request. The only personalization for the Rock Eliteis the choice of colours that is made available in the form of a photo of the rugs to be used. A layout will not be possible. The Luce and Brina rugs can be ordered in special sizes with a minimum of 3m2, in a rectangular or square
shape and only in the available colours.