In music, is called “carpet“ the intervention of the tools that are the background and harmonize beautifully voices and solo instruments. In furnishing the same applies. On the one hand, the treble and phrasing of furniture and ornaments… the soloists. Below, in magic harmony, the “carpet“, is the carpet itself. And here is that any sample of Sirecom collection becomes the protagonist of the environment,  a great interpreter of tastes and trends. A protagonist who can tap into the immersive fantasy of  tufted, emotions materical carpets of trend, the rich simplicity of natural fibres and the extraordinary richness of the kilim and knotted composite of various origins and ages. Yesterday and today in perfect harmony.

Since 1976 Sirecom is specialized in the production of rugs entirely customized and tailor-made. The company offers all size rugs, from the smallest to the largest one, without restrictions. The custom-made collections interpret the unique style of every costumers.

The passion for architecture, for “good design”, the admiration for the great masters of the past and the ongoing search for inspiration are the basic cornerstones of the partnership between Sirecom and Dainellistudio. The use of new textures, the perfect geometry and a careful selection of color palettes combined with excellent materials materials and craftsmanship are the ultimate expression in the icon collection.
Rugs charaterized by a strong versatility and a sophisticated color composition, dialogue with every environment. Elegant atmosphere and contemporary visions make up the frame.